Complimentary Oral Health Education Program

At Green Lane Dental, we understand the importance of educating children good oral hygiene habits early on that will last a lifetime.

We offer complimentary oral health education program for schools and groups i.e. daycares, summer camps, church groups, breastfeeding groups, mothers groups

Our program is designed for preschool children up to grade 3. Children will learn:

  • Functions of teeth
  • How to brush and floss properly
  • Healthy eating habits
  • What to expect at a visit to a dentist, familiarize themselves with some tools dentists will use

The in-class oral health education program is around 30 minutes long and can be tailored to meet the teacher’s or organizer’s needs. It includes a take home package for each student with tools to support good oral hygiene habits and information on healthy eating habits.

Email us at with the subject “oral health education program” to schedule our complimentary oral health education program for your class or group.